It matters to us that all electrical and power projects in Coastal Texas are designed and installed with the most state-of-the-art solutions possible. We understand that the electrical and power systems we build today support the future of our region.  

That’s why electrical contractors from throughout the region formed Powering Coastal Texas. From the safety of our built environment, to long-term sustainable strategies to meet our region’s growing energy demands, to the ability to support emerging technologies - we don’t believe in taking shortcuts in the electrical services we provide. We are trusted advisors to our customers, providing the thoughtful design, electrical expertise and solution driven approach that helps them grow and succeed.

Powering Coastal Texas acts as a professional partner for businesses, developers, contractors, and municipalities to further excellence and growth in the electrical industry and in the local economy. We listen, educate, promote, inspire and partner with communities and our customers to bring the best resources of the electrical industry to our region. 

By focusing our collective expertise and resources toward the common good we can:

  • Promote a well educated and trained electrical work force

  • Build a strong and reliable power infrastructure

  • Support emerging electrical technology deployment  

  • Provide assistance to the region's high growth industry sectors

This is important to us because we want to put skilled electricians to work. When the economy is strong and growing we can do that. The greater benefit is that when our electricians are working, odds are lots of other folks are too. Economic success benefits all of us and we want to help build that success for our entire region.